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japanese language course

The certificate course in the Japanese language will teach you how to speak and write using the specific alphabets. Trainers will teach you the pronunciation and meanings of each word comprehensively. Through this course, you will also get to know the Japanese culture and discipline. The course will teach you the fundamentals of the language along with its aspects.

At present, there is a huge demand for Japanese speakers due to the growth of the Japanese corporate sector. When you are enrolling for the Japanese Language Course in Kolkata, you are getting an opportunity to get yourself connected to not just Japan, but also other developing and developed nations of the world.

125 JOBS

are available for individuals adept in Japanese

If you wish to study or take up a job in South-East Asia, the Japanese language course in Kolkata will be your ultimate choice. Today, many institutes around the world are seeking Japanese trainers. Further, learning the language will help you to create films, animation and other forms of art in Japanese and there are many open positions in these fields.

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class start : 2ndMay, 2019

Student Capacity : 45

Course Teachers : 04

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course description

About The Course

Japanese language is not a ‘tonal’ language which means that it has less distinct syllables and unique words. This means that the language is easy to pickup for English speakers. The language is spoken by 125 million people in Japan and is a very popular language all over the world. Our instructors teach the language through conversations and by using real world examples.

Since this is an Asian language and the letters are unique in their own way, emphasis is given to writing the letters in the proper way. These letters are called ‘Hiragana’ and ‘Katakana’ and our experts give special attention to students while teaching words, grammar and vocabulary. The course is taught with the help of conventional whiteboard system along with audio and video.

course details

You will learn basic Japanese words and how to greet other people. You will learn to write ‘Hiragana’ and ‘Katakana’, i.e. the Japanese letters. The modules include nouns, verbs, adjectives, and numbers. By learning them carefully you can communicate with the Japanese people at a basic level. The course will give you a basic overview of the Japanese vocabulary and you will be able to structure basic sentences with the Japanese language by joining the course.

The trainers of the Japanese language will guide you with the logographic writing that is called a ‘Kanji’. The Japanese Language Course also comprises assessments which will help you to improve and identify your weaker areas.

The training program is carried out by expert instructors using innovative techniques which aim to develop a quick understanding of the language. The study materials of the course are also designed according to the levels at which the students are applying viz. basic, intermediate and advanced.


  • The language is not hard to learn and by completing the course you will be able to learn more about the Japanese culture.
  • Recently Japanese is also required in the international job market. Therefore, taking up the course will help you to pursue the international career you want.
  • These days Japanese is also required in academia. Hence, learning the language will give you additional benefits to get the education you want.
  • While travelling, communication will be a breeze if you are adept at the language.


The main Focus is to teach Japanese to the students in such as a way that they are able to communicate, read and write efficiently.

Job Opportunities

By learning the language you can get career opportunities such as
  • Translators who will be able to translate from and to Japanese efficiently
  • Interpreters who are proficient in the language and can mediate between people
  • Work in various corporate sectors
  • Work as guides in the tourism sector
  • Language Instructors in the Academic field


  • There are no specific requirments for this course. anybody can join.
Learning Methods

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Course Level

Level A1 (60 hrs)

Level A2 (60 hrs)

Level B1 (60 hrs)

Level B2 (60 hrs)

Level C1 (60 hrs)

Level C2 (60 hrs)

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