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course in italian language

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italian language course

The Italian Language is spoken by around 61 million people all over the world. Through this course, you will learn the basics of the language. You will learn to read and write in Italian. You will also learn to communicate with people apart from reading and writing. The course will teach you how to use simple words in Italian.

Candidates who wish to take up intermediate and advanced level training can also opt for the Italian Language Course in Kolkata where we provide education suggested by the CEFR guidelines. The course allows students to achieve careers in the field of foreign language.

learn italian language

Get trained in Italian with specialized training and comprehensive modules.

About The Course

The Italian language is one of the Romantic languages which is taught with all-inclusive study materials and our expert instructors. The emphasis is given on vocabulary development, grammar, and common words which would help our students to write and speak the language efficiently. Our students are also taught to pronounce the words in the proper way.

The Italian language is taught with the help of several activities such as question answer sessions, reading out texts and expressing the thoughts. Our instructors also give special attention to students so that their problems are solved while they are learning the new language.

course details

The course focuses on the development of vocabulary and basic grammar. You will learn the course through audio and text. You will learn to talk about holidays, places and situations. Emphasis will be given to expressing yourself while communicating. Additionally, basic elements such as colors, forms, shape, sizes etc are also discussed.

By joining the Italian Language Course you will be able to explore the culture of Italy, its art, architecture, and local texts. This course is taught interactively and is well suited for all the levels, be it, beginner, intermediate or advanced.

The training program comprises of techniques to help you to learn the language easily. The teachers will supervise the classroom activities which will make it easier for the candidates to grasp the language within a low span of time.


  • Easy to speak as many of the words in Italian closely resemble English. The phonetics of the language is very easy too and it gives the learner to speak Italian from day one.
  • You will be able to learn about Italian culture and history and be able to study works and analyses of the art and architecture of the country.
  • As Italy is the third largest economy of Europe, learning the language will give you plenty of career opportunities.
  • Travelling becomes easy as you will face no problems in communicating while you are visiting Italy.


The Focus of the Training is to develop good vocabulary skills in the Italian language and the ability to read, write and communicate.

Job Opportunities

By learning the language you can get career opportunities such as
  • Educators who will teach Italian proficiently
  • Interpreters who can easily translate anything spoken in Italian
  • Lawyers who can take clients from Italy
  • Translators who can work on different fields with expertise
  • Become Guides who can assist travelers
  • Different reputed government posts


  • there are no specific requirments for this course. anybody can join.

Age Limits

  • No Limits.

Who can join?

  • Anybody Can Join The Course With A Proficiency In English.


  • One to one

  • Group

Course Level

Level A1 (60 hrs)

Level A2 (60 hrs)

Level B1 (60 hrs)

Level B2 (60 hrs)

Level C1 (60 hrs)

Level C2 (60 hrs)

course information

  • class start : 3rd January, 2019
  • course duration : (60 hrs)
  • Student Capacity : 45
  • Course Teachers : 03