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german language course

The certificate course in the German Language aims to develop the necessary skills for reading, writing and conversing in basic Grammar. By taking up the course, you gain the proficiency in basic German. You will learn to greet people and learn commonly spoken words with their pronunciation. You will also learn to write German proficiently.

The German Language Course in Kolkata will provide you with an opportunity to explore different career opportunities. If you want to take up a job that requires you to travel the world or be a researcher in academics, you should immediately take up this course.

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are available for candidates having skills in german

Since it is a language that is being used by many reputed global organizations, taking up a German language course in Kolkata will enable you to become a qualified candidate to connect yourself with a large part of Europe. Getting employment in Europe or organizations based in Germany, or where German is spoken will be extremely easier for you.

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class start : 2ndMay, 2019

Student Capacity : 45

Course Teachers : 04

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course description

About The Course

With more than 95 million speakers worldwide, German is one of the most popular European languages. In fact, there are many unique words in German which cannot be directly translated to English. Hence, to learn the language it is important to get good training and at IITT, our language instructors teach the students extensively so that they can read, write and speak the language with efficiency.

Our language experts educate the students with the help of audio, video and the traditional whiteboard method so that they develop a good sense of the vocabulary and grammar. Other interactive teaching techniques include learning the language with games such as question answers, expressing of simple thoughts etc. The training takes place under expert supervision and by the end of the course communicating, reading and writing in German will be a breeze for you.

course details

The course in German will teach you the verb forms and give you an overview of the German syntax and grammar. You will learn German pronunciations with the help of audio and text. You will be provided with exercises on German grammar after the end of every topic. You will learn to use communicate using common words and sentences under the supervision of your trainers in the classroom.

The German Language Course is taught in such a way that you will be able to master the language without facing any hassle. The course is provided for students of all levels and is designed keeping the learning capabilities of students in mind.

The training program also introduces the German culture before the students which are essential for the learning process. The trainers educate with the help of vivid examples which helps the students to learn the language in a small amount of time.


  • The language is very important in academia and if you want to pursue higher education, getting trained in German will give you additional benefits.
  • You will be able to get extraordinary career opportunities by learning the language as Germany is an economic powerhouse and is open to skilled professionals.
  • Learning the language will help you to learn more about the country and its literature and culture.
  • You will face no problems in communications while travelling. You will be able to get directions, explore people and get help if required easily when in Germany.


The Focus of the Training is to equip the students with extensive knowledge in the language so that they can speak, write and communicate correctly.

Job Opportunities

By learning the language you can get career opportunities such as
  • Interpreters who are proficient in German
  • Educators teaching German in institutes
  • Travelling Guide for foreigners visiting different countries
  • Legal counselors who will handle their clients overseas
  • Translators working in publishing houses, academia and in other areas
  • Government officers who will manage international relations


  • There are no specific requirments for this course. anybody can join.
Learning Methods

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Course Level

Level A1 (72 hrs)

Level A2 (72 hrs)

Level B1 (72 hrs)

Level B2 (72 hrs)

Level C1 (72 hrs)

Level C2 (72 hrs)

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