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course in french language

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french language course

The course in the French Language will help you in developing the core skills such as basic words, numbers, time & date. The course includes vocabulary development along with phonetics which you will learn with the assistance of audio and text. The course also includes basic grammar to understand the meaning of a sentence.

This French Language Course in Kolkata focuses on equipping the candidates with the abilities to read, write and speak French fluently. The trainers give special attention to students so that they learn and improve rapidly.

learn french language

Learn French the easy way and communicate with your friends.

About The Course

The course in French Language is taught by our expert instructors in interactive ways. Students are taught the words and formation of sentences step by step. After teaching the fundamentals, they are instructed to read out passages of text from French magazines so that apart from learning the meaning of the words, they also pronounce them correctly.

To assist the students, our teachers provide extensive video and audio tutorials so that they pick up the language easily. To equip the students with the skills to learn the language efficiently, our instructors host small games in the classroom such as question answer sessions and expressing their thoughts in basic French. By the end of the course, students will have no problems in speaking, reading and writing French.

course details

The course includes an introduction to the French language. Then you will learn the alphabets along with phonetics. Next, you will move on to learning the numbers, dates and the accents. You will learn how to describe people and initiate basic conversations. The course will also teach you to write French with correct spellings.

The French Language Course comprises A1 to C2 levels as mentioned in the CEFR guidelines. You can, therefore, join as a beginner, an intermediate, or as an advanced candidate. The program is designed to teach you the basics as well as help you to achieve a higher level of expertise that is required to become a professional.

After the completion of the course, you will receive further training that will help you to appear for interviews if you want to take up a career in French.


  • Highly demanded in the international job market. Thus, completing the course will give good opportunities for global scale career building.
  • Learning the course will help you to get connected with the French culture.
  • The course will help you to communicate with French people if you are a traveler.
  • The course will help you to pursue higher education as French is both the working and official language of the UN, EU, UNESCO, NATO, International Olympic Committee etc.


The Focus of the Training is to develop strong communication skills in French and the ability to read and write the language.

Job Opportunities

By learning the language you can get career opportunities such as
  • Interpreters who can efficiently translate what is being spoken in French
  • Translators who can translate both, to and from the language
  • Lawyers who need can serve their clients from France
  • Tourist Guides who help travelers and explorers
  • Immigration Inspectors at airports who can communicate proficiently in French
  • Customs Inspectors who can check goods at ports and other major areas


  • there are no specific requirments for this course. anybody can join.

Age Limits

  • There are no age limits for taking up the course.

Who can join?

  • Anybody can join the course with a proficiency in English


  • One to one

  • Group

Course Level

Level A1 (60 hrs)

Level A2 (60 hrs)

Level B1 (72 hrs)

Level B2 (72 hrs)

Level C1 (72 hrs)

Level C2 (72 hrs)

course information

  • class start : 3rd January, 2019
  • course duration : (60 hrs)
  • Student Capacity : 45
  • Course Teachers : 04